Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Legal Solutions

This month, my law office branched out into a new, expanded area of practice, which we are calling Green Legal Solutions. We will still advise homeowners on tree, property and boundary disputes. And help community groups struggle with protecting their environment. But now we will also work with small businesses and good green builders who want to be environmentally friendly, get certified by local or State agencies and be a part of the solution.

I am pleased that over the years this office has helped stop, or get modified, inappropriate, too large, out of scale and just plain wrong development in places like Novato, San Rafael, West Marin, and many other northern California locations.

My law office has helped homeowners fight toxic chemicals in their home, solve nasty disputes with neighbors and their homeowner associations and and preserve neighborhood amenities. We have helped protect both trees and views; provided guidance on fences and easements, drawn up agreements to allow neighbors to live in peace. We look forward to working with more such clients in the future.

Don't forget to tune in to the Len Tillem Show on Sunday, September 28, from 6-7 PM, KGO, 810 on your AM dial. We will discuss these issues and more. If you haven't heard Len before, he is a kick, very savvy, and a great guy to work with on the air.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Listen to Len Tillem Sept. 28

Finally, we are back on the air. Sunday Sept. 28, from 6-7 PM, KGO radio, AM 810. Len Tillem has asked me back and after a couple of reschedules, we have nailed down the date.

Listen up and call with your tree, easement, boundary or other property issue.

Look forward to talking to you soon.