Friday, May 11, 2007


I'm pleased to let you all know that both Ray Moritz (the popular San Francisco Chronicle "Ask an Arborist" columnist and, not incidentally, my husband) and I have both joined the team of EcoSpeakers on the subject of the Greening the Urban Environment. The EcoSpeakers homepage is at This is a great organization which provides speakers on many environmental issues.

Ray will talk mostly about his work in urban forestry, helping home owners and public agencies with tree issues. He's also a fire ecologist, so much of his work is in that area. As a "forensic forestor," Ray works with attorneys on legal cases involving trees, including wildland fire, tree hazards and liability issues. He's also a very entertaining speaker.

We are pleased to join the likes of L. Hunter Lovins, Paul Ehrlich, Huey Johnson, Betsty Rosenberg and others who are members of EcoSpeakers.

You can also check out Ray's column on the first Saturday of the month in the SF Chronicle Home section or at or click on the Ask an Arborist link above.

In other news, I am pleased that this Blog is generating interest and I have been fielding calls from all over the state! Thanks for reading Land Use News. Your comments are most welcome.