Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sometimes a Tree is Just a Tree

You all know the old adage, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," not a you know, another thing.

Well, the same can be true with trees. Yes, often what is going on when neighbors get into bitter battles over trees and views, or trees dropping leaves and sticks in their pool, or trees casting shadows, or just being a pain in the tuchas, they really have an ax to grind over something more than that. The neighbor's kid beat out their kid for a slot on the soccer team; their house is bigger, more expensive, better situated, or their big car sticks into the neighbor's parking space.

Sometimes, they just don't like them, period, no reason. Too loud, too fat, too untidy, etc.

Trees are substantial. Trees you can sue over. And so people often do.

But sometimes a tree is just a tree and when two neighbors get into it over the trees, they are really fighting over trees. And views. a lot of times it's the view, the one the tree is blocking. The one you used to have, or are pretty sure you used to have of the Bay, the hills, the river. But now there is nothing to see but that big ugly tree.
But stop and think. Talk to the neighbor. Go to mediation. Try to reach a compromise before a dispute over a tree turns into a whole other kind of cigar.