Thursday, March 10, 2011

Most popular questions for the Blog

Check out the section of this Blog on easements. It gets more questions from readers than any other, than all the others put together for that matter. What's up with that? Lots of landlocked people out there. Lots of neighbors don't want to share. Tell us your story. And check our Facebook page and like us: Green Legal Solutions


Sally Morrissey said...

Our problem is that our home was the very first home in our neighborhood, built 40 years ago. We had one road going in and out. New neighbors have moved into a newer house next to us and decided themselves that since we now have another road, we should no longer use the original one. They have put up cement barracades that are impossible to move. We now can no longer use our original road. Is this legal? It's not an easement on our part, it was our road, that we now share with them.

Dotty LeMieux said...

Hi Sally,

You don't say what state you re in or whether your house is part of a subdivision, with dedicated streets. Sometimes streets are dedicated but not accepted, which doesn't make them obsolete. What is the status of the other road? It's impossible to comment without knowing more at this point.

If it is a dedicated street, they cannot close it off. If not, I'd still need to know more. Where are you by the way?