Friday, June 03, 2011

Tree Dispute Mediation - A New Service of our Law Firm

Green Legal Solutions, the law office of Dotty LeMieux, is pleased to announce the addition to her property law practice the Mediation of Tree and Vegetation disputes.

Joining her is urban forester and consulting arborist Ray Moritz, well known throughout California for his forensic skills in analyzing tree failure, hazards, disease, view vista pruning and valuation for thorny legal cases. Moritz has been an expert witness in hundreds of cases involving tree and view disputes, tree damage trespass, wildland fires, property damage and wrongful death involving trees. He has also served as a neutral expert in mediations through the former Marin Community Mediation Service and participated in dozens of mediations for clients.

LeMieux specializes in litigation involving tree and view disputes, property and land use issues, as well as public interest environmental law emphasizing work upholding the California Environmental Quality Act. She has been trained in Dispute Resolution and Environmental Mediation as well as work in transactional analysis.

This unique new Tree Dispute Mediation service offers help to neighbors, insurance companies, public agencies and private companies before or during litigation for optimum results. A neutral evaluation of your tree issue, early in the process can save all parties time and money and result in a fair disposition of often prickly disputes involving neighbors and their trees.

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