Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Privatization Scheme for San Rafael's Albert Park

A private outfit wants to privatize most of the use of Albert Park ballfield, a community field in San Rafael, mostly used by youth and amateur tams now, for a minor league Baseball team, that does not yet exist. They want heavy city subsidies, increased seating (more than double) concession stand, which serve alcohol, parking, loss of the amenity for most of the public use; and of course, the will charge admission, and pay minimal rent to the city.

All with no environmental review whatsoever. Nor economic analysis. At least Target had to do that. Sholdn't they have to go through at the very least the design review you must go through for any minor ome improvement projects? What's wrong with this picture.

Oh, and the capper, this outfit has no experience starting teams; its CEO is a travel and aviation expert. A Sonoma political operative is consultant, along with one guy who also consults with other teams. Where is heir business plan? Who will attend these games? ow much will they cost? How much is parking?

Lots of unanswered questions. Hearing on July 18, City Council chambers, San Rafael. Call, write to your council member today! Tell them you want an EIR and Economic Impact Report.

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