Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More CEQA News

There is definitely a concerted attack on CEQA by big business and development interests.  Are these the same folks who claim all regulations and taxes are bad for business?  That California is chasing out the "job creators?" Do they know that in real terms, today's workers earn less than in the 60's?

I suspect they do and they don't give a fig. They got theirs; screw you. Move to Texas, earn minimum wage (which is less there than it is here, by the way). Work in some non-regulated polluting industry and live in a company town. With the heat, humidity and mosquitos.

Anyway, there is hope. A new site, CEQA Works, is fighting back. This is a coalition of many groups, telling CEQA's success stories, like the newest one from our Attorney General Kamala Harris's settlement on a big case in Riverside County.   

Check out CEQA Works and send in your stories, letters to the editor or opeds.  

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