Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

The first Earth Day was in 1970. I was there then, and all I remember was that soon thereafter it was all crunchy granola and living in harmony with the land. Good things, but it did dissipate the "movement" a little. 

By "movement" I mean the leftie radicals, who had spent the last few years fighting for civil rights, women's rights, to end the war, and you know, all that stuff. There was a spate of people (and police) behaving badly, and a lot of burned out activists. Women who couldn't get a boyfriend because the men were all scaredy chickens. Women who channeled their inner lesbian, and recipes for making your own granola on the cover of what had been a hard hitting news outlet for tracking movement actions at home and revolutionary actions abroad. 

Yes, I joined in myself, while lamenting the job I'd just lost writing pithy journalism (I did write a couple of feel good articles about personal growth and the whole "politics is personal" stuff). 

Still, politics is personal, but this is a land use news blog, so my intent was to say Happy Earth Day! Keep it green, keep it clean. Don't be frightened by apocalyptic tales of germs in your reusable cloth grocery bags. people have been carting groceries in bags, baskets and their wide skirts forever. Just another ploy by the plastics industry to get you to keep them in business churning out polluting bags to clog our landfills for the next million years. 

Words to live by - from your friendly neighborhood carbon sequestration system:

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