Friday, August 09, 2013

Nothing Easy about my Easement. Questions we'd like to see No. 2

There is an easement along my property for the back neighbor to get to his house. He doesn't own this property; and he now wants to drive his car down it.  He used to take the bus, and walk, so my hedges have grown large and will not allow the car to pass. 

Now he's all mad at me, and threatening to sue.  I say, no way Jose. The easement is for you to walk down only. What a lazy sob he has become over the years. Now, he think his new wife can drive her car down the eaement too. 

Uneasy about Easement

Dear Uneasy,

You should be. It appears your easement is for ingress and egress, and actually is wide enough for a car to pass easily. (look at the map you sent me). You cannot block the normal access, which listen up, in the twenty-first century (and the twentieth for that matter), is usually by car, especially to a remote back lot like your neighbor has.

That he chose to bus and walk before is irrelevant. He's not as young as he used to be (so what if he snagged a young honey, maybe you're just jealous). Give the guy (and his new wife) a break, and cut back your overgrown bushes (Is that poison ivy, by the way? Sure looks like it from the pictures you sent), or a court of law will undoubtedly make you do it.

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Anonymous said...

I have an easement that runs throw my property it a access easement & utility easement

My naber has a water pump on the utility easement that’s a water pump and electrical box that is very small. I was gone on trip came back and found he built 10 x10 shed with a wireless camera over the pump so now I have a shed and wireless camera on my property PLEASE HELP