Thursday, August 01, 2013

Questions we would like to see number 1

Dear Land Use News:

I moved into my home in posh Belvedere California in 2005. At that time, I had a very clear view from my conservatory of my neighbor's bedroom window, in front of which she was in the habit of performing her daily Pilates routine.  As you can imagine, I considered this to be a visual delight.

Much to my dismay, her privet hedge has grown up so as to block my view. I know this is against the rules of the Belvedere view ordinance, which protects views established at the time the property was purchased from unwanted growth of vegetation. This is certainly a good case for a lawsuit, don't you think?

Frustrated in Belvedere

Dear Frustrated,

Whoa Nelly, have you got it all wrong! The view ordinance protects your views of scenic vistas, such as San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and so on. There's nothing in there about a neighbor's personal activities or into their bedroom or that matter. Have you recently watched Rear Window? or maybe it's Fatal Attraction.


Land Use News

PS There is a law that covers this by the way. It's called No Peeping Toms and carries a sentence in the local pokey.

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